About Us

Traditional pie and mash is extremely popular through out the British Isles. Pie and mash shops have been in London since the 1800s .

The Leek and Thistle Pie Company of Puerto Vallarta was created by Mark Hughes who was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, of a Welsh Father and a Scottish Mother (hence the name Leek & Thistle). The Leek is a national emblem of Wales and the Thistle is the national emblem of Scotland


The National Emblem of Wales

His father was a hotel manager and Mark has always been involved in restaurants, hotels and cooking. He studied catering and after 2 years of school, decided to move to London were he worked for 6 years.

Mark was general manager of a catering company serving Stadium sized events such as the Silverstone Grand Prix, Fulham football in London, and horse races at Ascot, Sandown, Epsom and Goodwood.

In 2005 he came to Puerto Vallarta for a holiday, fell in love with it and stayed.


The National Emblem of Scotland

He started baking brownies and banana bread for some extra money. One night in 2006, after a few beers with a fellow Scot, a guy from South Africa and a guy from England, when they were all discussing the lack of British food (i.e pies) in Puerto Vallarta.
Ding: idea ….

After many pastry trials he started making chicken and mushroom pies for friends. And friends told friends and the snow ball started rolling. The essence of Mark’s pie business is creativity, a refined palate and an exacting follow-through. One taste of his pies is proof.

Now Mark has a pie shop that is frequented by locals and tourists who travel from all over the greater Vallarta area for the huge variety of pies both meat and fruit.